event four

Sunday - 24th May

A classic XTERRA course with a great old Woolshed by the Venue HQ. The courses take you through pine and native forest, plus a fair amount of open well formed tracks. It’s a solid run, with a bit of climbing, but worthwhile for the views. This venue is everything an XTERRA trail should be and you will love it. Parking is at a bit of a premium, so car pool if you can.


Belmont Regional Park, Stratton Street Entrance


Long, Medium, and Short | Medium and Short Courses open to Walkers

getting there

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long course
18 km

Runners will run on well-formed tracks that enable quick times if you are fit. Some solid climbs, some open farm trails and good forest running with a few streams thrown in. Like the medium course runners, watch out for the climb in the last twenty minutes. An hour and a half if you’re quick and two thirty to three if you like to take in the scenery.

1.45 hours to 3 hours

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Start at the end of Stratton Street and do a clockwise loop using the logging tracks, Old Coach Rd, right at the dero shipping container, and onto the downhill link track. Once on Belmont Farm run parallel with Stratton St, including a little time on Stratton St, then up the Trig Track. Now do a big anticlockwise loop using the Trig Track, Horokiwi Bridleway, and the Korokoro Track. Watch out for the hill at the end of this loop. Back down the last third of the Trig Track and follow the stream back up to the finish area.

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medium course
11 km

Runners/Walkers start off with a climb on open farm tracks before a descent into a fantastic and beautiful river and forest trail with a number of creek crossings on the way. Keep a bit in reserve though; there is an honest little climb in the last twenty minutes before you get home. One hour fifteen if you are having a great day, two hours if you are not!

1.15 hour to 1.45 hour – One early climb and one late climb

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Start at the end of Stratton Street and head down stream to the Trig Track. Up the Trig Track and down the Horokiwi Bridleway (some technical downhills here). Turn left at the intersection of Horokiwi Bridleway and Korokoro Stream Track and head back toward Stratton Street (watch out for the last hill!). Down the last third of the Trig Track and follow the stream home to the finish line.

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short course
7 km
Runners and Walkers get a mix of bush, forest, and open farm trails. One climb (that can be run or walked) is over early in the run, followed by some great views back over the Hutt Valley and Wellington, and an easy trail by the side of a creek to get you back home. Forty to fifty minutes, depending on your point of view.

About 1km on sealed footpath – One hill out of the way early in your run

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Start at the end of Stratton Street and head up the MTB tracks up to Old Coach Rd. Right onto Old Coach and run out to Normandale Road. Take a right down the link track to Stratton Street, cross the road and you’re into the Belmont Farm. Turn right and follow the river and signs back up to the finish area.

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